The mission of the Fire Island Pines Arts Project, a non profit organization, is to be integral to the creative life of our community and to aspire, through the production of accessible quality performing and fine arts events and activities, to reflect and encourage our community’s cultural vitality.


The Fire Island Pines Arts Project has a long history of promoting and highlighting the arts – both its enthusiasts and its practitioners. Sylvan Cole and David Baker founded FIPAP over 25 years ago offering musical revenues and shows which tapped into the wealth of artistic talent attracted to the pines. From that beginning FIPAP grew to produce and present an even greater variety of performing arts events and in 1985 introduced the first of its celebrated biennial art shows featuring local visual artists. The arts project’s range of events continued to grow to include live performances by renowned musicians, singers, and comedians, curated film exhibitions, and artist salons. FIPAP offers cooking classes taught by pines chefs and hosted its first arts and design show. FIPAP also has a proud record of supporting and contributing to other pines organizations and has been a key contributor to the building and furnishing of the Whyte Hall community center.


Andre Almeida

Steven Alan Black (President)

Rob Innes (Secretary)

David Kneuss

Nicole LaFountaine (Treasurer)

Teresa Lovito

Denise Lucy

Vinnie Petrarca

Bradford Price

Mark Ricigliano (Vice President)

Jim Vandernoth

Lenny Vanella

Luis Villabon

JD Winston

Legacy Board Members

R. Scott Bromley

Lou Bullock

Richard Des Jardins

Laura Hartstein

David Ratcliffe

Albert Russo

Michael Savino

Ariadne C. Villarreal

Glen Wielgus

In Memoriam

David Baker

Sylvan Cole

Mary Cole

Jack Lichtenstein

Rita Lichtenstein

Tony LaRocco

Gilbert Parker

Barbara Sahlman

Susan Willis